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Q1. How do I choose Wiper Blades?

A. Choosing the Right Wiper Blades
• Look in the owner's manual for Wiper Blade size and connection type and then you can order accordingly. OR
• Go to our vehicle lookup system available on our site, enter your vehicle details and we will suggest you the suitable Wiper Blade for your vehicle.

Q2. How often should you change Wiper Blades on a car?

A. The general recommendation is to change your Wiper Blades once every 12 months. It also depends upon where you live and how often you drive, you might have to change them earlier.

Q3. Can you replace windshield wipers yourself?

A. . Yes, you can replace Wiper blades yourself for that you should take a look at our installation videos to replace them. The fitting process is identical for the vast majority of cars on the road. Please click- How to install

Q4. How do I make Wiper Blades quieter?

A. Wash your Wiper Blades with baking soda, warm water and liquid dishwashing soap. Mix the water, baking soda, and soap in a container. Dip a soft cloth into the liquid and clean the blades gently.

Q5. Are Flat Blade Wipers better?

A. Flat blades are designed with increased aerodynamics compared to the standard blade which helps the blade making a better contact and push on windshield. They are also smaller and lighter.

Q6. What if I am unsure about my exact vehicle information?

A. First, enter the vehicle information into our vehicle lookup option on our product page or check the vehicle Wiper Blade information on your owner’s manual. We try to get the correct blades for your vehicles. Please click here - Wiper Blade Finder

Q7. . I entered my vehicle information and the wiper I need did not display. What do I do next?

A. If your vehicle model is not visible in the result you are looking for. Please contact us on our Customer Service
so that we can help you with a potential alternative.

Q8. Can I order by part number (rather than entering vehicle information)?

A. Yes you can. For that please share us your part number on our Customer Service we will find the suitable wiper blade for your vehicle.

Q9. Do you have a return/exchange policy?

A. Yes, we do! Please click Return/Exchange Policy for more information.

Q10. Is it sufficient to replace only the driver's side wiper?

A. It is advised to change both side wipers at the same time for better vision and improved safety. Do not forget to change the rear Wiper Blades as well.

Q11. What can I do to prevent snow and ice from clogging up my blades?

A. The best option in winters is beam blades. Beam blades are designed to perform in snow and ice build-up. The enclosed tension springs help then to keep the blade flexible and functional in winters.

Q12. Do I need to clean my windshield before installing new wipers?

A. Yes, Windshield contamination is a common cause for poor service of Wiper Blade even if the wipers are still in good shape. Some kinds of contamination, such as tree sap, can destroy the wiping element in a short time. We suggest you clean the windshield regularly with car wash soap.

Q13. Why do the blades lift off the windshield at high speeds?

A. The Blades lifts off the windshield at a high speed due the air pressure around the blade. If your blades lift at a high speed, it is due to your blade is not aerodynamically designed, so when you choose a wiper blade shall consider its aerodynamic spoiler.

Q14. What are the signs of a worn Wiper Blade?

A. Various signs for worn-out wipers; streaks, cracked or separated rubber elements, smears, chattering sound, skipping Wiper Blades, noisy wiping action, unwiped areas on the windshield.

Q15. Are both the blades on my car the same size?

A. It varies on the basis of car make, model and year of your vehicle. Sometimes they are the same sizes while other times they are not. Consult your owner’s manual or the catalogue when purchasing/replacing blades to make sure you purchase the correct size blades.
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Q16. What is the difference between a Beam Blade and a Conventional Blade?

A. BEAM BLADES- Beam blades (Trico Flex) are designed with the latest technology in Wiper Blades for all season performance. Ice and snow can't adhere to a beam blade because they have less moving parts and no superstructure. Beam blades are more aerodynamic and have an infinite number of pressure points for better blade to windshield contact.
CONVENTIONAL BLADES- Conventional blades (Trico Rainy day) have a standard vented bridge that have been on vehicles for decades. They offer dependable performance for a clean, clear wipe.
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Q17. If I have Conventional Blade on my car now, Can I change to a Beam Blade?

A. Yes. With Trico Neo Form Wiper Blades – you can upgrade your conventional Wiper Blades quickly and easily to the latest technology in beam blades.

Q18. Why is my wiper blade streaking?

A. Dirty glass can be the reason for Wiper Blades to streak. If the windshield is clean and it is still streaking, then it is time to change the blades.