Our Business Model

We firmly believe that the traditional way of buying machinery and aftermarket is complicated and fails to put customers at the heart of any sale, and we aim to change that by giving our customer choice on what buy and provide clear information to buy it with confidence.

Rather than make our customers pay for costly overheads, we aim to build a lower cost business model with less than half the overhead costs of a traditional business and transfer any cost benefits back to you.

We want to become the e-commerce platform of choice for owners of machinery looking for parts and service for their industrial equipment by following these guiding principles:

  • Easy to Find
  • Easy to buy
  • Great service
  • Hassle-free returns

We are investing in building an extensive search capability, a lower cost back end support model, a community of experts, and best in class supply chain and payment capabilities to ensure we provide the right support to help support your business.

Our suppliers are our partners in this journey, and we aim to create a transparent and clear process of working with them.

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