SIP 3HP/200-SRB Compressor

Product number: 06294
SIP 3HP/200-SRB Compressor

SIP 3HP/200-SRB Compressor

Product number: 06294
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The SIP 3HP/150-SRB is a belt-driven compressor featuring a heavy-duty pump for reliable trade performance, an oversized crankcase, cast iron barrel, and aluminium aftercooler.

  • 230v (13amp) input supply
  • Powerful 3hp (2.2kW) motor
  • Oil-lubricated, belt-driven model
  • Heavy-duty 200 litre air receiver size
  • 13CFM maximum piston displacement
  • 8.5CFM maximum free air delivery (FAD)
  • 145psi (10 bar) max. working pressure
  • Finned manifolds and cast iron barrel
  • Extra-strong moulded belt guarding
  • Heavy-duty aluminium aftercooler
  • Durable and oversized crankcase
  • Premium Italian construction

SIP are machinery specialists, with our catalogue featuring welding, metalwork, air compressors and tools, battery chargers, lifting, heating, power, woodworking, and cleaning equipment.

ITEM NO. 06294
Input Supply 230v (13amp)
Motor Power 3.0hp (2.2kW)
Receiver Size 200 litres
Piston Displacement 13CFM (368 litres/min)
Max. Free Air Delivery 8.5CFM (240 litres/min)
Maximum Pressure 145psi (10 bar)
Noise Level 96dB(A)
Gross Weight 96kg
Packaged Dimensions 1090 x 1500 x 430mm
Warranty 2 Year

Q1. Do i need an air dryer in addition to my air compressor?

A. Air dryers are essential for air compressors, If the water is left in the system it can damage the air compressor and components connected to your compressed air system and possibly contaminate your product. To prevent this you need to install an air dryer. You can check our whole range of air tools by visiting the given link:- Air Compressor Tools

Q2. What is the right type of hose for my air compressor?

A. It depends on the air compressor you are using, the higher the CFM requirement of your air tool is the larger the diameter hose you'll need. We usually recommend a single wire HP hose. You can check our whole range of accessories and hose by visiting the given link:- Accessories and Consumables

Q3. What size of hose should be used?

A. This will depend on the type of compressor that you have. Generally the hose that we recommend is of the outlet size of compressor. You can give us a call or leave an enquiry on our website to help you to find the right size of hose to use. Please contact us by visiting the given link:- Contact Us

Q4. What is the maximum hose length i should use with my compressor?

A. It depends on the size of the compressor or CFM required, please contact us for the recommendation by visiting the given link:- Contact Us

Q5. Do i need a reciprocating compressor or a rotary screw compressor?

A. For most applications, a reciprocating compressor is sufficient. We recommend rotary screw compressor If you are looking for longer run with efficiency.

Q6. How do i assess the quality of air i need for my application?

A. Most of the manufacturers already state the air quality required for the application.

Q7. What is a good size air compressor for home use?

A. It would depend on what you are using the compressor for. (For eg: If someone who is just pumping up car tyres, will need a different compressor to someone who is using an air grinder or a spray gun). You can give us a call or leave an enquiry on our website so we will be able to advise based on your needs.

Q8. How big a compressor do i need?

A. It depends on what you require to operate. Air tools made for general use with portable air compressors typically require 0 to 5 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at 70 to 90 pounds per square inch (psi), whereas with larger tools, the requirements usually exceed 10 cfm at 100 to 120 psi.

Q9. What size compressor do i need to spray a car?

A. We recommend a 10-15 CFM compressor required to spray a car.

Q10. What type of air compressor is best for my business?

A. Each type of compressor (reciprocating, rotary screw, rotary vane, industrial compressor are the primary types) has its own “pros and cons”, it depends up on your application for which you need to use the compressor machine.

Q11. Once i know the type of compressor i need, how do i determine the appropriate size?

A. It depends up on the application for the compressor to be used. The best way to figure out appropriate compressor's size is to measure your actual compressed air use for atleast one week of typical operations and allow for reasonable estimates of expected changes.

Q1. What is piston displacement?

A. Piston displacement refers to the free air delivery of the compressed air in a compressor. In brief, it implies the volume of air conveyed out of the compressor measured per minute in liters for a given pressure.

Q2. What is the duty cycle of a compressor?

A. Duty cycle alludes to the measure of time a compressor can be worked in a given time-frame. Most piston compressors have a 50% duty cycle while screw compressor have 100%.

Q3. What is a 75% duty cycle?

A. Air compressors with a 75% duty cycle will run for three-fourths of the total cycle time. In other words, 75% per hour of use.

Q4. How important is HP in an air compressor?

A. HP in an air compressor is not as important as the SCFM rating. Horsepower indicates motor's power, while the SCFM rating tells you required power the compressor actually provides to your tools.

Q5. Does air compressor tank size matter?

A. Yes, it does matter. A larger tank holds more air. The larger the tank is lesser the running is required.

Q6. How do i know my duty cycle?

A. Duty cycle depends on the use of a compressed air machine.

Q7. What is the difference between CFM and PSI?

A. PSI and CFM are often used as performance specifications for air compressors. PSI (Pound per square inch) measures pressure of system, while CFM (cubic feet per minute) measures volume.

Q8. What voltage do i use for a home shop or small shop air compressor?

A. "13 amp single phase" is the voltage we recommend you to use for a home shop or small shop air compressor.

Q1. How often do i need to change the oil in my air compressor?

A. For a piston compressor, we recommend you to change the oil once every year and for a screw compressor after every 4000 hours of operation.

Q2. How do i control contaminants in my compressed air system?

A. We recommend you to install dryer and in line filtration to control the contaminants in the compressed air system. You can check our whole range of air tools by visiting the given link:- Air Compressor Tools

Q3. How often do i need to replace my air intake filter?

A. For a screw compressor, we recommend changing the air intake filter every 2,000 hours.

Q4. What happens if there is water in my air compressor?

A. As hot air gets sucked in tank the moisture percipitates and gets converted into water as it cools. If left in the system it adds the risk of damaging the compressor machine and its components, and potentially contaminating the end product while in use. To prevent this you can install a dryer or in line filtration. You can check our whole range of air tools by visiting the given link:- Air Compressor Tools

Q5. What happens when water stays in my compressor?

A. If water stays in the air compressor rust can start to build and it can also rust bearings in rotor compressor. Best way to eliminate this problem is to purchase an air dryer.

Q6. What happens if there is water in my lines?

A. If the water gets in the lines of your compressor it can rust and damage the pipe work system. To solve this problem, you will need to either clean the water trap or change the pipes of your compressor.

Q7. How often should a compressor be serviced and can change components like oil filter, air filter, fine separator filter, compressed air mains filter ?

A. Service depends on the actual operating hours while changing filter depends upon their elements & functions. The standard service and the filter elements should be changed after 2000 hours of operation. If not, a major service including change of filters should be undertaken after 4000 hours for the smooth running of your compressor.

Q8. Why should i replace my filter element regularly?

A. We recommend you to replace your filter element regularly just because blocked elements in the filter increases the energy cost and impacts the high quality compressed air in your compressor machine. You can check our whole range of air filters by visiting the given link:- Air Compressor Accessories

Q9. How often must the oil be changed and what kind of oil should be used?

A. We recommend change of oil after every 4000 hours for screw compressor and we recommend you to use oil (screw compressor oil or piston compressor oil) depending upon the application of your system. You can check the oil we recommend by visiting the given link:- Air Compressor Oil

Q10. How do i drain the water from my tank?

A. You can drain the water from the ball valve on the receiver(tank) manually or you can purchase an automatic drain valve to remove the water automatically. If water is becoming a problem, we recommend you to invest in a more appropriately-sized air dryer.

Q11. How do i decompress an air compressor?

A. You can decompress an air compressor by switching it off and draining its receiver(tank).

Q12. How do you troubleshoot an air compressor?

A. We recommend you to call in an engineer.

SIP Industrial Products started back in 1968, in Wigston, Leicester, initially selling cut industrial abrasives, and later circular metal-cutting saws and metal saw blades, to carefully selected distributors. As the business grew, SIP Industrial Products saw a large gap in the electric ARC welding market. Since the beginning, quality and new product development have been at the heart of everything SIP does and, by the turn of 1980, SIP had begun their own production of belt-driven electric air compressors in a division named 'SIP AIR'. In November 1980, SIP moved into a purpose-built plant in Shepshed, Leicestershire – where they remain. SIP increased their product ranges in the 1990s - covering petrol and diesel generators, heaters, and automotive equipment and, in 2004, SIP ventured into the woodworking market. Today, SIP continues to go from strength to strength, launching over 100 new products a year and supplying distributors across the UK, and more worldwide through its export department. The SIP ranges now include welding, metalworking, air compressors and air tools, battery chargers and starters, booster packs, automotive equipment, heaters, generators, pressure washers, water pumps, vacuuming machines, and woodworking equipment. Carefully selected, all of the ranges offer the SIP promise of quality, value, and choice.
Christopher Porter January 21,2022

Sadly DPD and Customer service let you down.

Sadly, Parts for machines shipped the parts via DPD, who inturn failed to deliver one day. Just parked up looked at the address, sent a not in notification, and drove off. Got told would be delivered next day. Sadly didn't happen, ended up putting the job back because of this. Phoned parts for machines. Couldn't have cared less about dpd's mess around. No apology. Just a phone call once it was delivered asking if it had been delivered. Shame, a simple sorry would work wonders.

Derek Shephard January 21,2022

Great customer service.

Great customer service.

kelly jones January 19,2022

Easy transaction

Easy transaction. Ordering process straightforward and quick on time delivery.

Consumer January 18,2022

Excellent service

Excellent service, needed a replacement template comb for my dovetail jig after accidentally damaging the original, ordered late Monday afternoon, delivered Thursday morning. Replacement was perfect match and reasonably priced.

Nick Tekengineering January 11,2022

product great 12 ton hydraulic press

product great, very quick dispatch, would recommend

Richard January 11,2022

Ordered sip parts cleaner fluid

Ordered sip parts cleaner fluid, had good communication and items arrived as stated no issues

Oll January 11,2022

No problem at all .well satisfied all…

No problem at all .well satisfied all ways

Paul Millinger January 03,2022

great piece of kit

great piece of kit, quickly delivered and good value.

Fabrice December 28,2021

Carpenter's workbench

I ordered a carpenter's workbench. It took a long time to arrive. The plastic bag holding the screws etc. was open, so all the screws and other bits were scattered everywhere. There were some chips here and there, and even one item was broken. The quality of the wood is very good, and it's a good workbench. In the end, I fixed a few things myself and I'm quite happy with the product. I would hesitate to order from this company again, however...

Darren Hanson December 27,2021

Purchased a Sip 210 mig welder,great…

Purchased a Sip 210 mig welder,great price and fast delivery,will use again

William Charles Ellingford December 21,2021

dust bags for my Dewalt vacuum

Ordered some dust bags for my Dewalt wet/dry Vacuum cleaner. Price was good, easy to order online and items arrived a few days later. Really pleased with the whole process

customer December 20,2021


Decent.. Product quality is good enough.. Delivery was slightly delayed.. Price was a little expensive but to be honest since covid everything has gone expensive

Lee December 07,2021

Great company

Great company, quick delivery ,great products and very well priced will definitely use this company again

Christopher Bradley December 06,2021

Fantastic service and very quick…

Fantastic service and very quick delivery would use again

Chris, Ware December 06,2021

Great Service

The item I ordered as a Christmas present was out of stock, but the company sourced it from elsewhere at no extra cost. Delivery was very swift. Many Thanks.

Brooks December 06,2021

Brilliant price & service

Brilliant price, brilliant service and delivery really fast.

Robert Purton December 06,2021

I was fully satisfied with my purchase…

I was fully satisfied with my purchase on the SIP 12" linisher machine. Delivery was fast and am very happy with the linisher so far. It comes with a very coarse grit disc, for wood I guess so I will need to be changing that to somthing finer. The machine appears to be strong and made to last. My last warco one laster 40 years. Will this one be as good? Who knows!

Toby Fletcher December 04,2021

Great service

Great service

david harrison November 25,2021

Excellent first experience

Found what I needed on their easy to search website, even had a call when I left an unfinished basket. Arrived quicker than expected and well packaged. Really pleased, will use again

William Woolley November 22,2021

Excellent value with superfast delivery.

Excellent value with superfast delivery.

alex November 15,2021

Good price and quick delivery

Good price and quick delivery, based on my experience I would definitely recommend.

phil gordon November 15,2021

The parts I got were exactly what I…

The parts I got were exactly what I wanted. They were delivered earlier than expected. All in all very satisfactory.

Ovidiu Huma November 15,2021

Fast delivery

Fast delivery, very well packed.

John Miller November 15,2021

Great product and delivery

Great product and delivery

Graham bach November 11,2021

Arrived when they said it would…

Arrived when they said it would exellent service happy with the product would definitely recommend to friends 👍

Robert Annett November 06,2021

Good buying experience

This was a good experience, order did not go quite to plan but sorted very quickly, but this is more impotent than a nice smooth order, still quick despatch, and delivery by DHL this applies to UK Mainland only, offshore delivery will have to be arranged by the buyer at extra cost> This is a good price to start with so should not be a problem. Warning had a very slight acid leak, even though the packing was very good, always be careful unpacking, there is good guidance enclosed. The product is good, this is my second. I have review the first. Would be very happy to use the seller again

Shane Reardon October 30,2021

Fantastic service

Fantastic service, ordered on Sunday arrived on Tuesday,great price and well packaged, many thanks.

Wale Adeniran October 20,2021

Am please with the service and…

Am please with the service and efficiency, product was secure and well packaged. I would recommend the service to anyone,

peter mallison October 01,2021

I am happy with the service and how…

I am happy with the service and how quick my order arrived i order it one day it arrived the next day

Steven September 30,2021

Great company

Part fits well, and back to working again. Had an issue with wrong part delivered first off, but the tram replaced very quickly once it was reported.

Rosen Karamfilov September 28,2021

Fast delivery thanks

Fast delivery thanks

Jason Moorcroft September 23,2021

Absolutely brilliant

Absolutely brilliant. No problems at all and arrived sooner than I thought. Will defo use again.

Alan Wainwright September 16,2021

Recent purchase, first time buyer

Hi I am greens chairman for a golf club and often need to purchase parts and ground care equipment I recently purchased a petrol pressure washer and it arrived within 2 days well packaged well priced and as described, thank you for your attention to my order and a prompt and courteous service, the product is giving good service and I would not hesitate to use your company for future purchases.

Leigh Reardon September 06,2021

Order this item on Friday arrive on…

Order this item on Friday arrive on Tuesday grest

Mr Phil Lupton September 06,2021

Best price

Best price, Fast delivery, Well packed, Battery as described arrived in perfect condition, Many Thanks Parts Machine

Custome Peter Hale September 05,2021

I wish to reclassify my previous…

I wish to reclassify my previous report. This Company has been extremely compassionate in dealing with a problem that was out of their responsibility, down to neglectful couriers dropping the battery.

Linda September 01,2021

arrived on time and as described

arrived on time and as described

grant ebrey September 01,2021

First class no issues at all ,swift…

First class no issues at all ,swift delivery as promised.

Mrs GLENYS JONES August 31,2021



Ned August 25,2021

SIP Bandsaw 10"

Have been looking to upgrade my steel bandsaw now for a while and found these guys selling the SIP range of saws, i rang first to double check the one i wanted was in stock and then bought it off their website which was really simples, paid a little extra for carriage (not that i was in hurry) and the saw arrived next day 😲 wow.... Great service and a great price 👍 i will definitely shop here first next time i want something. Highly recommended. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ned.

Julian Dean August 25,2021

Impressive compressor

The SIP vertical air compressor from Partsformachines arrived very promptly, my son taking delivery while I was out. They had somehow managed to get it halfway up my sloping shingle drive! Standing upright in a large shrink-wrapped cardboard box, the compressor was securely bolted to a small pallet so moving it the rest of the way was fairly straightforward by looping a sling around the pallet and 'sledding' it over the stones. It could definitely not be manhandled by the cardboard packaging alone. Once in the garage and unboxed, with protective packing removed (and a foot or so of excess height in the box), the bagged compressor looked a lot less intimidating. Removing the bag revealed a very impressive, well-built piece of equipment. Having unbolted the compressor from its pallet, literally all that was required was to pop a rubber anti-vibration pad into each of the four feet - no bolts required. And, thanks to the accuracy of the supplied dimensions, it fitted perfectly in the allocated space. Bonus! I've only given it a few test runs so far, but it is smooth and not at all loud. Now to build the air supply system... Very pleased with Partsformachines and the excellent SIP vertical compressor.

russell child August 24,2021

A great service

A great service, great product and delivered on time as stated, I will definitely be using these guys again.

Roger August 24,2021

Baker says

Awesome service parts arrived on time communication excellent would definitely shop with you again.

Tim Tonks August 19,2021

A company that care

First and foremost communication levels I can’t fault, willingness to help with tech question and supporting the customer with a telephone conversation

Dianne August 12,2021

Excellent and easy from start to…

Excellent and easy from start to delivery. Everything is catered for the consumer. I's dotted and T's crossed. Thank you

John August 11,2021

Belt and disc sander arrived well…

Belt and disc sander arrived well packaged before expected. This is how all online shopping should be.

Mrs Edmonds August 08,2021

Disappointing delivery serviceOrdering the work bench was very easy…

Ordering the work bench was very easy and quick we had an e mail back immediately acknowledging our purchase and an invoice. However, then it all fell apart in spite of being told I would be advised when the item had been dispatched I had to chase you for this information I was told that the item would be delivered to me on Wednesday or Thursday (3rd or 5th August) and I would be advised which day and an approximate time once again this didn’t happen. The item was in fact delivered on Wednesday late morning when my wife arrived home around 1pm the parcel (large as it is a work bench) was leant against the front door and she was unable to get into the house therefore she had to lift this large heavy parcel off the step and drag it to the side of the door so that she could get in the house thank goodness she is strong and fit otherwise she would have been sitting in the car waiting for me to arrive home at 4pm this is unacceptable and needs addressing by yourselves. On the plus side the product arrived quickly and I am very pleased with it.

Anne Thomas-Davis July 31,2021

Very helpful customer service.

Very helpful customer service.

colin gibbs July 30,2021

No complaints

No complaints. Good service.

John Simmons July 30,2021

Good stock at a very competitive price

Good stock at a very competitive price. Good delivery time

Ms A Aldridge July 30,2021

Extremely well priced

Extremely well priced, fast and efficient. Very pleased, thank you

Mr Michael Johnston July 30,2021

Good service and quick delivery

I purchased some new Rollers for the Tracks on my JCB 8015. I found what I needed straight away on the Parts for Machines website and they despatched them within 24 hours. When the items arrived I found them to be good solid quality. Definitely a company I'd use again.

0260 Cars Ltd July 16,2021

Excellent service

Excellent service

Simon Bailey July 15,2021

Excellent service

Excellent service The product arrived quickly and the minor problem I had with it was sorted out swiftly and without fuss. Highly recommended!

D Gibson July 01,2021

A pleasant experience using this company

A pleasant experience using this young company. My online enquiry was dealt with a short time later following a call back from Partsformachines. Order arrived on time. The price for the item ordered reasonable when compared to others. Partsformachines will probably be my first port of call for pricing parts in the future. Keep it up!

edmond eiliazadeh July 01,2021

Recent experience

I would like to put a few wards together in relation to my recent purchase with parts for machines. It has been my first time custom with this company and I have been very satisfied with the customer service and also advices from the sale team. Product had arrived on time and well packed. The only suggestion I would like to make is that, by looking at the market, when you spend large some, most of the traders do free delivery, but sadly, I had to pay for the delivery, in spite of the fact that was reduced rate as I purchased two items, otherwise, all had been positive experience and I would recommend them to friends.

Ken Halliday July 01,2021

Ordered a car battery

Ordered a car battery. It arrived several days later. I would have appreciated a little more communication as to the battery's whereabouts, because I was waiting to get my wifes car back on the road. However, it's a good battery and a great price.

Kevin Moroney June 19,2021

Excellent service and great…

Excellent service and great communications. Ordered a battery and it arrived on time. Would definitely recommend this supplier.

Hedley Shaw June 14,2021

Top rated service

Top rated service. Very competitively priced item, very quickly despatched. I would completely recommend.

Mr Kevin Budge June 11,2021

Super Advice & Service - RECOMMENDED

I was looking for a battery for a digger, I was not sure what I needed; so asked Partsformachines via their webform. They called and explained before sending me an email with a couple of options, I reviewed and went with the recommendation I ordered the battery online. I then received a follow up email to say it had been sourced and was on its way. Outstanding service, and will be first port of call going forward!

Ms A Aldridge June 09,2021

Quick and easy

Quick, easy, no fuss ordering and delivery, brilliant! Thank you so much

Pete Pan June 08,2021

Very good service and help will be back…

Very good service and help will be back again soon thanks

A happy site manager May 20,2021

Pressure Washer

Purchased a pressure washer online once I knew they had one in stock. Got a phone call the next day explaining that it would be a 6 week lead time. They offered me the chance to cancel the order or they would give me the delivery cost back. As I've bought this kind of pressure washer before I was expecting a 6week lead time anyway. The customer service team were great and surprised that I expected a long delivery time, but still offered me the delivery cost refund. Overall great customer service, with no issues.

RImas Salcius May 19,2021

Good service.

Good service.

Heather Phillips May 14,2021

Superb 5 star service from this Company!

We were absolutely desperate for a large battery for our almost classic car, as we couldn't move it, the battery was flat, we were isolating and our breakdown people wouldn't attend because the MOT had run out. This Company pulled out all the stops for us, changed their source and had it delivered to us at lunchtime today, less than 24 hours after we placed the order. They then telephoned us this morning to let us know what they had done. Remarkable service in this day and age to put yourself out for an ordinary customer!

Christine Cornthwaite May 05,2021

I seemed to receive my order very…

I seemed to receive my order very quickly. Thank you for your very prompt attention.

Krissy May 04,2021

Will use again

Thanks you Received on time Great service

Daniel Punnett May 03,2021

Purchased a Mig welder from…

Purchased a Mig welder from Partsformachines website, the welder I wanted was at a very competitive price and available for express shipping, It arrived promptly and was well packaged. I would recommend this company to friends and family. Overall a very good service, keep it up.

Mr Stephen Edge April 30,2021

Excellent service and communication

Excellent service and communication. Fast delivery. Great prices and quality

Nick April 25,2021


Needed a new battery for the van. Great price and service. Highly recommended.

Radioman April 24,2021

Fast reliable suppliers

Fast reliable suppliers . Goods arrived on time exactly as ordered

Doreen Line April 23,2021

Ordering was very easy and the goods…

Ordering was very easy and the goods arrived within a few days very pleased would use this company again.

Mr Cooley April 23,2021

Great price

Great price, great service, and the battery I ordered arrived sooner than expected. Will certainly use Parts for Machines again.

Richard Brown April 22,2021

Completely Satisfied

Very efficient service, no quibbles. Invoice and delivery information clear and timely. Delivery prompt and machine in good order. Machine installed, calibrated and working as expected. Thank you.

Consumer April 22,2021

Excellent service

Excellent service, good price for the part, prompt delivery.

Simon Horsley-Gubbins April 21,2021

car battery amazing price excellent service!

I was looking for a new battery for my car and Partsformachines came up as best price. I was slightly concerned about delivery as it was a large and unusual battery and these weren't specialists. so I e mailed them last Saturday expecting a reply in a few days. I was quite impressed when the Boss of the company rang me half an hour later to say it would come in 2 - 4 working days. He rang me again on Monday to say it was on the way and it arrived today (Wednesday). This is a serious company that believes in good service and amazing prices!

Howard Nowell April 14,2021

Arrived within 3 working days

Arrived within 3 working days. Happy with service & price.

Saul Eisenberg April 13,2021

Great customer service

Grat customer service. Good Fed ex delivery. Straightforward transaction. Will order again. Thank you.

Martin March 26,2021

Excellent customer service and very…

Excellent customer service and very rapid delivery. Went the extra mile when I wanted something quickly and at a good price.

Ken Evans March 19,2021

Pleased with a prompt delivery via…

Pleased with a prompt delivery via fedex better than other deliveries I have had lately and the jacks produce the 12 tonnes claimed much better than a cheaper product which only produced a 1/3 of that stated on the jack

Paul Thomas March 18,2021

Good communication and quick delivery…

Good communication and quick delivery A+++

Peter S, Worcester March 16,2021

Very quick turnaround on my order.

Very quick turnaround on my order and delivery packaging was professional and safe.

Mr John Hay March 13,2021

6” Professional Bench Grinder 07625

This was ordered in February and arrived 12 March. Straight away after ordering Parts for Machines we’re in touch to say they didn’t have it in stock and I could have a less expensive model, cancel my order or wait for stock. I very much appreciated their honesty and waited. I’m not disappointed, this bench grinder replaces my Grandfathers (Black & Decker) which is well over seventy years old. Thanks again Parts for Machines. JBH.

Ralph Hedley March 13,2021

Excavator Track Rollers

Excavator Track Rollers Thankyou for a quick & rapid service will buy from you again. Thanks Ralph.

David Means March 13,2021

Great Service

Great service. Ordered a tractor battery and it was a lot cheaper than a local supplier and better choice of batteries so I choose a better manufacturer with longer warranty. I thought delivery was expensive until I compared with other suppliers but still more than I expected. However on arrival it came all packaged up, wrapped and on a pallet so understand it costs £27 but will use these people again.

Richard Hayne March 09,2021

Swift order online at a great price.

Swift order online at a great price.

And32 March 04,2021

Can't fault them

Cant fault them. Quality products at great prices. Very good communication and quick delivery of item. Will use again

Theo Gee March 03,2021

Great little company

I was dubious to order as they're a small unknown company. But I ordered a welder and got delivered withing 48h,great customer service when I called them. Would reccomend.

Irene Parkinson March 03,2021

Helpful providers.

Excellent, helpful service. Value for money.

Richard Townsend March 02,2021

First time purchase, very impressed

Very competitive and rapid delivery price for a quality Yuasu battery ( 4year guarantee) ordered on line. The delivery driver dropped the box as he took it out of his van but no damage was sustained as the battery was extremely well packaged in thick dense foam. Thank you Partsformachines for your excellent service. Richard T

Gasman March 02,2021

Spoke to company about order before…

Spoke to company about order before placement on phone. Item ordered arrived on time well packed. First time using this company and will use them again good service. Battery for kubota digger.

Donna Clapp Feb 22,2021

Very easy site to use

Very easy site to use, find exactly what I was looking for and at a good price! Will definitely be using parts for machines in the future!

R Evans Feb 13,2021

Excellent service and price.

Excellent service and price from this company, who I rang for advice on a replacement battery for my 17-year-old Honda Civic. The recommended 45Ah 400A Yuasa YBX3057 arrived fully charged, well packed and on time, by standard delivery. It took me 15 minutes to fit with no problems.

mike Feb 05,2021

brilliant and prompt service

brilliant and prompt service. they go out of their way to help. i needed item next day and even though they dont offer next day they went above and beyond

michaelames Jan 07,2021

So easy to order ,delivered on time…

So easy to order, delivered on time this company are good .no messing would use again

T Evans Dec 19,2020

Excellent service

The service I received from Parts for Machines has been second to none, I received my item but unfortunately, I had a small issue with it (not the fault of parts for machines), after contacting them I received a phone call telling me that a replacement had already been sent out which I received the next day, it is rare to find customer service as good as this a first-class service thank you.


very good service

very good service helpful advice given.

Tudur Jones Nov 02,2020

This item arrived within a couple of…

This item arrived within a couple of days. The instructions were very clear, however, the screws which hold the plastic visors could be slightly longer. Customers could have opted to purchase eye protective goggles which may be an option with this product. The grinder is quiet and very effective. I do recommend this firm which specializes in this field.

Chaquita Oct 22,2020

Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service, quick delivery, and always willing to help. I bought my partner a bench Grinder and having no idea what was the right one to buy they helped me all the way. It is the best customer service I have received in a long time, thank you parts for machines for such a great experience

Campbell Oct 21,2020

Great price on the bench grinder

Great price on the bench grinder. Had an issue with delivery which was not PFM's fault. Glad to say their customer service is very reactive and sorted out the problem very quickly with great communications - always a bonus! Will use again and highly recommended to others.

Raymond Brown Sep 23, 2020



kevin Sep 17, 2020

Prompt delivery

Prompt delivery, competitively priced unit, perfect for the jobs I have planned. Well done all 👍

IAIN MORGAN Sep 4, 2020

Great customer service

Great prices, great customer service

Emilio Aug 18, 2020

Great website and products

Great website and products. Will be using this website going forward now

Sarah May 3, 2020

Great service

Great service, easy to order and prompt delivery. The pressure washer works a treat, and helped me with some Garden maintenance during lockdown.

Lisa Dundas May 7, 2020

Great customer service which pointed me…

Great customer service which pointed me towards the right product for me in a professional and prompt manner. Pricing structure seems competitive and delivery was swift.

Aaron Maurice May 7, 2020


This website is a must have for anyone in agriculture. Their products are good quality and arrive quickly. When I wasn’t sure which oil was right for my machines the support staff were so helpful. Highly recommend.

Maria Gordon May 9, 2020

Parts for Machines helpful and efficient

I ordered a 4ft light bar. Fast and efficient service even in these challenging times and the free face masks were a welcome gesture of goodwill. Highly recommended.

Nick Martin May 9, 2020

Very clear website

Very clear website - parts easy to find. No problem from start to finish.

John May 10, 2020

Great value and great service!

I would have no hesitation in recommending this website. I ordered an Inverter Welder. Delivered on time and without delay. I will definitely use this site again.

Tom Pender May 15, 2020

Excellent and efficient service

I bought a pressure washer last week. The website is very user friendly and I easily found what I was looking for. Will definitely order from this site again.

Alan Mcgrath May 20, 2020

Excellent customer service.

I was looking for a good alternate bucket for my JCB 3CX and came across this site. The price seemed resonable and the support team knew what they were taking about. The site was easy to navigate and the model options got me to the right product. I will definitely buy again.

Tobias May 22, 2020

Super easy to find what I was looking…

Super easy to find what I was looking for and got answers to all my questions from the customer service. Just saved a lot of time for me, great site. Appreciated the Gulf oil recommendation for my John Deere.

Connie May 31, 2020

Late delivery but amazing product

Delivery was a couple of days late, however product worked perfectly well and was very impressed by the ease of use on the website.

Adrian Culliney Jun 21, 2020

This is an excellent site to get a…

This is an excellent site to get a machine part. The website has a huge range to choose from and was delivered in short time. I would recommend to anyone to use this site to buy a machine part.

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