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A high-quality lubricant oil is the key to driving machine performance. If you put some effort into identifying the right oil for your machine and ensure this oil is changed regularly, you can increase machine life and bring your fuel costs down. Whether its construction and earthmoving equipment or agricultural and heavy industry machinery, PartsforMachines offers oil for all types of equipment. We work in close conjunction with our partner Gulf Oil to offer end-to-end machinery lubricants such as transmission oil, hydraulic oil, gears oil and much more. You can order online from us and get doorstep delivery, anywhere in the UK.

Why buy from us?

We are the only site that provides oil recommendations based on your machine and usage. We work closely with our partners to identify a suitable oil for each machine and then present this selection in a simple format that is ready to click and purchase. For brands and models not on our site, our technical team works closely with our oil partner to help you get the right oil. We can also help with oil testing to help understand the health of your engine.

What are Machinery Lubricants?

Lubricants are a substance that can help reduce the wear and tear of a moving part. Their application introduces a friction-reduction film between the machine’s moving surfaces that are in contact with one another. Machine lubricants are applied to heavy duty construction equipment and other types of machinery to reduce friction between moving parts, thus improving machine longevity.

Types of Lubricant

Whether you are operating a mini excavator, backhoe loader, compact loader, telehandler, or tractor in UK, PartsforMachines helps you choose from a variety of lubricant types:
Oils: These are made of long polymer chains and mixed with specific additives to boost their properties; these are machine and need specific. E.g. heavy-duty motor oil etc.
Grease: Made using oil, thickeners and if needed, different lubricating particles, these are stickier than oils, and are typically used in parts exposed to dirt and other contaminants.
Penetrating Lubricants: These are low-viscosity oils mixed with additives that penetrate difficult to reach cracks between two machine surfaces to loosen a rusted nut or bolt.
Synthetic Oils: Synthetic oils are lubricants with fewer contaminants or impurities as they are made through a manufacturing process wherein, they are synthesized from chemically modified petroleum products. The reason why they must be preferred over conventional oils is that they are made for a specific application and therefore are configured with a perfect molecular composition that aids the usecase.
Natural Oils: These are biodegradable oils made from a select range of biodegradable bases that can include sunflower oil, vegetable oil etc. and mixed with specific additives chosen on the basis of where and how these oils will be used.

Advantages of Using Industrial Lubricants

The reasons why you must use lubricants such as HDEO – Heavy Duty Engine Oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil and coolant:
■ Decrease the friction and wear by a long way
■ Reduce excess heat caused due to friction
■ Control bearing fatigue
■ Diminish corrosive impact and dirt contamination

How to Choose the Right Lubricating Oil?

Keep these considerations in mind:
Lubricant functionality – Are you buying the lubricant to reduce friction, wear and tear, corrosion, or contamination, improve power transmission or something else? The answer will help you identify the right lubricant.
Make up – Lubricants have different components which lend them different properties. E.g. some are thick, other are thin. Check whether the ingredients make sense to you.
Product Understanding – When you read the lubricant packaging, you will come across terms such as viscosity, weight, NLGI consistency and more. Understand the meaning of these terms to choose the right lubricant.
Usability – Make sure you are aware of how a particular lubricant needs to be applied and its relative ease. Before you buy, make sure you know how easy or difficult it is to use that particular lubricant.
Lifespan and Cost – How long will the lubricant last? Long lasting lubricants can be costly but deliver more value. The choice is yours to make.


Q1 - Which lubricant is used in heavy machines?

Heavy duty engine oils and other specific types of lubricating oils such as hydraulic oils can be used in heavy machines. It is your specific need that will determine the kind of oil that must be used.

Q2 - Why is lubrication important in machinery?

You need to use the best lubricant, because it will help you increase the lifetime value of your machinery and ensure it functions smoothly, safely and in an optimal manner at all times.


Q1. How can I get a discount code on PartsForMachines?

A. Share your mail ID on order@partsformachines.com to join our mailing list and get discount on your order.

Q2. Where do you ship your products from?

A. All our suppliers except BYG are from UK, so most of our products get shipped from UK mainland.

Q3. Do you accept Paypal payments?

A. We accept Apple Pay, Google pay, Direct debit, all credit and debit cards but NOT PayPal.