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Q1. Can I leave the battery charger connected to the battery for an extended period of time?

A. Battery chargers are built to completely charge a battery before switching to long-term maintenance state. Please make sure that the battery is completely charged, as displayed by the green LED, before leaving the charger unattended for an extended period of time.

Q2. What charger is appropriate for my vehicle?

A. Depending on the size of your battery, battery chargers will vary in their specifications. As a general rule, the higher the amps delivered by the charger, the faster the battery will be recharged. Our website will provide detailed technical speification in order to identify a charger suitable for your needs.

Q3. Can I use a smaller or larger charger than the one recommended for my battery?

A. Depending on the size of your battery, choose the appropriate charger. A charger with a higher or lower specification than your battery may result in your battery being undercharged. If the battery's Ah rating is more than the charger's limit, the charger may not be able to fully charge the battery, resulting in its depletion. Please make sure the charger's Ah is more than the battery's Ah.

Q4. Can I charge the battery without removing it from the vehicle or opening the caps?

A. Yes you can charge the battery without removing it from the vehicle.

Q5. Is it normal for my charger to get warm?

A. During the bulk charge phase, it is normal for the charger to get warm. The heat generated under specific conditions, depending on the battery being charged.

Q6. What voltage should a battery charger use to charge a battery?

A. The charging voltage is usually between 2.15 and 2.35 volts per cell (12.9 volts for a 12V 6 cell battery) to (14.1 volts for a 12V 6 cell battery). These voltages are safe to use on a fully charged battery without damaging it.

Q7. Is it safe to start a car while it has a battery charger connected?

A. Starting an automobile while attached to a battery charger is safe. It's important to keep the cable clear of any moving parts under the hood of the car.