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Q1. Can you leave an air compressor pressurized?

A. Yes, you can leave an air compressor pressurized but if the air inside has moisture you may risk corrosion damaging its components. To prevent this, make sure the air compressor is inspected yearly and always avoid letting water settle in the tank.

Q2. How does a silent air compressor work?

A. A silent compressor is built with a noise reduction enclosure (high quality, thick and dense materials) to reduce any noise that may occur due to moving parts inside.

Q3. What is a constant duty air compressor?

A. Constant duty air compressor are the compressors with 100% duty cycle, designed to run for longer period of time where you have a frequent demand of air. Screw compressors are called constant duty air compressor because they have much better cooling system, so that the compressed air machine can run constantly with no issues.

Q4. What should i look for in a compressor? What you need to know before buying a compressor?

A. "There are many things in a compressor to look for before buying them, such as:-
• Horsepower (HP)
• Air Pressure (PSI)
• Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)
• Tank Sizes.
• Duty Cycle.
• Moisture Problems.
• Noise Level.
Some things that often gets overlooked that we recommend you to check in an air compressor machine before buying them are noise level and the air requirement of a compressor according to your need."

Q5. How much noise does an air compressor make?

A. Air compressors can get up to 70-90 decibels loud. On the other hand, screw compressors can get up to 62-77 decibels loud. A machine is considered to be a silent compressor if it has an operating decibel of less than 75 dB.

Q6. What is a screw air compressor?

A. A rotary-screw compressor is a type of gas compressor or an air compressor, that uses a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism. Rotary screw air compressors works by catching air between two coincided rotors and lessening its volume as it drops down through the rotors.

Q7. I see the same looking compressors, same tank size, selling for lots more money, why?

A. It depends on the type, material of construction, and the quality of manufacturing of an air compressor and the different air compressor manufacturers who produce it.

Q8. Can i conclude a special service agreement for my compressor?

A. Yes, you can obtain a service agreement for your air compressor. Generally a service contract is based on the hours your air compressor has ran.

Q9. How long is the lifetime of a compressor and how can it be extended?

A. The lifetime of a compressor is around 15-20 years depending up on the operating hours and if it has been maintained correctly. It can also be extended with a regular maintenance on time.

Q10. Does the operation of an air compressor produce carbon monoxide?

A. Air compressors compress the ambient air. They do not produce carbon monoxide when operating, but they do suck in carbon monoxide and compress it if it is present in the ambient air. For ex:- If an air compressor is sited near running motor vehicles it can suck and store carbon monoxide.

Q11. How can I get a discount code on PartsForMachines?

A. Share your mail ID on order@partsformachines.com to join our mailing list and get discount on your order.

Q12. Can I collect my SIP order in person so I can save delivery charges?

A. SIP product gets shipped from our partner in leister so it can be delivered to your doorstep but you can not collect it in person.

Q13. Where do you ship your products from?

A. All our suppliers except BYG are from UK, so most of our products get shipped from UK mainland.

Q14. Can a SIP pressure washer (Electric, Petrol or Diesel) work fine with a domestic water supply?

A. Yes, All SIP pressure washers should work fine with domestic water supply.

Q15. Do you accept Paypal payments?

A. We accept Apple Pay, Google pay, Direct debit, all credit and debit cards but NOT PayPal.